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IDeAS Program: the complete solution in Spainto your tennis adventure


Our IDeAS (Integral Development of Athlete-Students) Program is designed for tennis players who wish to train and compete at the highest level, while continuing their academic development.

IDeAS is a Dual Career program that allows a flexible integration between Academic and Sport requirements.

The program helps our players fulfill both their academic and athletic requirements so that they are not forced to choose between dropping out of either area.

Sports Tutoring System

Our players have access to a Sports Tutor with whom they meet regularly to review, coordinate and establish appropriate lines of communication and coordination for the smooth integration of class attendance, exams, projects, training, tournaments, etc.

Through IDeAS, players can access state-of-the-art technology for remote learning, enabling them to enroll, study and earn college and bachelor’s degrees.


By training at GTennis Academy, players can earn a degree at the University of Florida, one of the top universities and currently the #1 Online program in the USA.

Through the Gator Pathway, our players begin by earning an Associate’s Degree in the Santa Fe College (Online) by taking 60 credit hours, and then transferring automatically and through agreement to the University of Florida (UF Online) and there complete another 60 credits to obtain a Bachelor’s degree from that institution.

Online High School and Middle School

Through our collaborative partner USPA, we offer the possibility of earning Middle School and High School grades in a program designed by athletes and educators, with a focus that specifically benefits motivated students who train, travel, compete and advance to the next level.

The online curriculum allows for a flexible school schedule and academic calendar. This flexible schedule allows our student athletes the time they need to train and travel at the highest level.

Our USPA support system keeps students engaged, motivated and on track.

In-Person High School and Middle School

Through the Mas Camarena School we have a solid Sports Academic Program, where our young tennis players can study in a way that is compatible with our Competition (Afternoon) program.

The School gives great importance to sport from early ages, and acknowledges all the values it brings to children and young people, so when a student decides to combine sport and studies, they must have a school that gives them the opportunity to do it in a simple and balanced way.

The objective of Colegio Mas Camarena is to offer studies adapted to each player, offering what is necessary to fully develop both sport and studies.

Baccalaureate: BTEC in Sports

BTEC programs are vocational studies based on practical learning. Our BTEC in Sports is designed for those players seeking to follow a sports path to acquire skills and knowledge in real-life scenarios.

BTEC is a perfect academic alternative for students who want to combine high-level tennis practice with practical professional studies, and is accepted by many national and international universities as a baccalaureate equivalent.

It is taught from the Mas Camarena School, one of the best schools in Spain, approved by Pearson BTEC and founding partner of Gtennis Academy, and 10 minutes from our academy.

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