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We are the perfect alternative for tennis players who are looking to develop their game and reach their highest level.
With a team of highly trained coaches and state-of-the-art facilities, GTennis Academy in Valencia gives you the opportunity to improve your skills and understand the technical, tactical, physical and mental aspects of the game


Choose the Tennis program that best suits your needs and requirements.

Designed to maximize the potential of promising young tennis players whose goals are to reach advanced levels of competition. The program is led by highly trained and experienced coaches who provide rigorous and personalized training that includes a combination of physical, technical and mental aspects.

Designed for children who are just starting to play tennis. Our trained instructors teach children the fundamentals of tennis, such as racquet technique, serve and return, through fun games and structured coaching lessons.

For children and teens with some knowledge of the sport but still at a beginner level, this program helps them improve their coordination, fitness and social skills, while developing a solid foundation for further progress in tennis.

Designed to help young tennis players prepare to begin competing. This program focuses on improving the physical, technical and mental condition of players through intensive training and simulated competitions

Focused on developing players’ technique, strategy and competitive mentality through intensive training and regular competition. Players work to improve their game in all areas, from serve and backhand to on-court movement and match management.

A Program designed to provide training tailored to individual skills and needs of adult players, as well as to provide a fun and social playing environment. The goal is to help adult players improve their skills, stay active and healthy, and enjoy the game of tennis.

If you are looking for a fun, exclusive, personalized, high-level tennis experience, these programs are for you! Come and enjoy Valencia while working on your tennis!

A unique opportunity for players looking to improve their game and reach their maximum potential during the holiday period, while enjoying one of the most pleasant cities in the Mediterranean coast.

Designed to help young players reach their full potential in both tennis and studies. Players receive training in our High Performance tennis program, while also receiving a high quality academic education that prepares them for their future.


An academy for those wishing to enjoy the unforgettable experience of learning Padel in one of the best sports centers on the national scene.

Designed to give children and teenagers a fun and safe introduction to this exciting sport. Come and let your child experience the pleasure of padel with our Beginners program!

With a focus on fun and personal growth, our program for kids and teens is the perfect place for your child to develop a lasting love for the sport, while gaining skills and confidence on the Padel court.

Focused on players who have a good aptitude for Padel, our Pre-Competition program focuses on the development of more advanced skills and techniques, while emphasizing the importance of teamwork, fair play and a positive attitude.

Our program is tailored to your individual needs to help you reach your full potential. Whether during the week or on the weekend, enjoy training and fun at one of Spain’s best sports resorts in Valencia.

A perfect opportunity during the months of July and August for those who love outdoor sports to improve their sporting skills and meet new players.

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